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Understanding and getting to the root of your current digestive health issues can take time. And making the required dietary and lifestyle changes works best with regular contact and support. 

For this reason, I offer one to one packages so you feel fully engaged resulting in better compliance and results. I have programmes designed around both 10 and 12 weeks that will be tailored specifically to your needs. 

This amount of time working together will help create a strong therapeutic relationship where you will feel accountable yet supported through our regular updates and I will be able to closely monitor progress, adjust and adapt where necessary while ultimately ensuring your goals are met.

A Health Programme will typically involve the following elements combined with regular support to help you to implement the recommendations.

Programme fees start from £295 for a 10 week package

Testing and supplement costs are not included in package cost.

01. Resolve

This programme will get you started on your road to recovery through carefully selected nutritional and lifestyle steps. You will be supported with health coaching to achieve your health goals

02. Restore

This is a more in depth and slightly longer programme, to help you discover how your current diet and lifestyle may be affecting your symptoms. Any appropriate testing will be run and we can plan very specific diet and lifestyle changes to help you take control of your health.

03. Rejuvenate

This programme provides the highest level of support and accountability and is particularly suitable for those with complex health issues or those who feel they need a more hands on approach. This will give you a deeper understanding of your own health through testing and dietary changes. And it will give you more encouragement to achieve the more challenging changes and gives you all the attention you need to feel better.

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