Meet Deirdre - Registered Nutritional Therapist CNHC mBANT

I am Deirdre McAllister and I work with people who suffer from digestive health issues such as IBS, caused due to food intolerances or stress for example. I work with these individuals to help restore their health allowing them the freedom to enjoy food without consequences. As a result, my clients can enjoy spending time with family and friends without having to worry about feeling bloated and uncomfortable through choosing the “wrong” foods to eat. 

My journey to qualifying as a nutritional therapist was borne out of a desire to learn how nutrition and lifestyle could help with conditions such as IBS. As a sufferer myself I knew how unpredictable this condition can be and how it made life difficult to plan for events or family occasions. Through my training with the College of Naturopathic Nutrition my work is informed by a functional medicine model which is science-led and a patient centred approach that aims to identify the root cause and underlying mechanism for chronic digestive problems.


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Personalised Nutrition and lifestyle programmes

I am dedicated to ensuring that nutritional therapy is practiced responsibly and to the highest standards. With this in mind I am registered to the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC ) – the Professional Standards Council for regulation of Nutritional Therapists and to the professional body, the British Association of Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine (BANT). As part of my BANT membership I am continually keeping up to date with latest research and am required to complete many hours of continuing professional development (CPD).


I offer personalised nutrition and lifestyle programmes along with health coaching and I firmly believe that this combination helps my clients achieve their health goals.


Most frequent questions and answers

Nutritional Therapy is the application of nutritional science in the promotion of health and prevention of illness.  It can help support many chronic conditions as well as those simply looking to optimise their health.  The following are some examples of conditions that clients may have and look to nutritional therapy for support:

  • Digestive disorders – bloating, heartburn/reflux, constipation, IBS, IBD, coeliac disease, H-pylori and candida overgrowth.
  • Female hormonal imbalances – PMS, PCOS, endometriosis and peri/menopausal symptoms.
  • Blood sugar imbalances – Type II diabetes, sugar cravings, and poor energy levels.
  • Poor immune function – recurring infections, asthma, hay fever and sinusitis.
  • Skin disorders – eczema, psoriasis, and acne.
  • Weight management.
  • Food intolerances, allergies and headaches.
  • Many chronic health conditions including auto-immunity.

The only way to know for sure is to book in a discovery call and after that 30 minute conversation most people have a good sense of whether I am the right nutritional therapist to help them. During that 30 minute conversation, after I find out more about you and what you are needing help with, I will explain my packages and recommend which one would work best for you to get the results you are looking for.

The first appointment is online and will last 90 minutes. During this time I will take a detailed case history and ask questions that will give me a sound idea of your health from a nutritional viewpoint. After the appointment I will create dietary recommendations and a lifestyle plan taking into account any dietary modifications and lifestyle / environmental adjustments.

The number of times we meet depends on the package you select however all my packages offer at least 3 online consultations plus a follow up telephone call. I find this ongoing communication allows clients to feel supported and the additional health coaching helps to bring about the changes that will make all the difference to your health and wellbeing.

Whether testing is recommended will depend on your individual case history, symptoms and personal situation.  Functional testing can be used which is specific laboratory tests and these aim to evaluate your health status by measuring how the physiology of the body is functioning, rather than simply looking at indications of disease. Tests such as these can be invaluable in identifying what may contributing to your health issues and therefore result in faster successful outcomes by helping to target more precisely your personal nutritional programmes.

Blood, urine, stool or saliva-based tests are typically used with a variety of accredited laboratories and prices vary depending on the nature of the test.  These will always be discussed in detail during your consultation.

Diet is always addressed as the foundational platform from which to work but supplements are sometimes recommended after a thorough analysis of your personal case history and symptoms.  Often, nutrients are required at therapeutic doses in the early days (and sometimes longer) to help re-balance your body and supplements can play an important role here. 

Where supplements are required, I can arrange this for you if necessary and will pass on a Practitioner discount to you.

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